Furniture Fixtures and Fittings

People think that buying a house or building one from scratch is the tough part and that once you have taken possession and relocated, it’s all a cakewalk. The actual scenario is of course different. Buying the right furniture and installing fixtures and fittings is not easy and has to be done well before you move in. Sitting on an unpacked crate with a cup of tea held precariously in

Investment and Risk

Risk taking is an integral part of real estate industry. There are so many variables to contend with – recession, economic downturn, rising interest rates and inflation being just a small sample of them. However, there is a bright side to it too. For the risk taker, this is the best time to invest in real estate because the returns on risk today are the highest that has been seen

Investing in real estate

Real estate is not only about investing when the market conditions are low and then selling high. This might be a common notion but only for those who think that real estate is somewhat speculative like the stock markets. In reality, real estate is straitjacketed by a number of formulas that act as guidelines for the ultimate goal – maximising returns on investments in the shortest possible time. Whether to

Buying a House

Before investing in real estate, whether it is buying a home or commercial property or industrial land, you should always opt for hiring a property conveyancer to take care of all legal aspects, contracts and documentation. These are generally beyond the comprehension of the common man unless he/she happens to be a lawyer. It is always likely that the seller will have a lawyer to take care of the formalities

Real Estate

There are basically three components of real estate – commercial, industrial and residential. This write-up will deal solely with commercial real estate. Commercial real estate is used for commerce and business purposes only. It covers a wide spectrum of activities, ranging from a single gas station to huge shopping malls, from office spaces to convenience stores and hotels and restaurants. In fact it covers all trade and commercial aspects apart

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