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If there is one favourite area for investors the world over it must be real estate. In times of recession, inflation and falling value of currencies it is the real estate sector that always stands solidly with investors and continues to pay rich dividends on investments. Given this scenario, it is small wonder that real estate always has and will continue to attract those looking for a good outlay.

It is easier said than done though and real estate too is often gripped by falling prices. It is a highly volatile market and like stocks, prices can fluctuate violently at times. A natural calamity or a war in a remote corner of the globe can set off ripples that often affect real estate prices. But one thing should be understood. Real estate prices have traditionally never been in a freefall for long and have always bounded back to robust health.

Given these intricacies of real estate, it is necessary that there be one credible and authoritative site that highlights the highs and the lows of this sector. That is the very purpose of our blog site www.therock-yard.com and it is our endeavour to offer our readers comprehensive information, news and even trivia from the world of real estate.

However, we understand that given the magnitude of the real estate sector, it will not be possible to do full justice to the subject by our team alone. This is why we invite write-ups from experts in this field to contribute to our site to add to its credibility and authoritativeness. Potential bloggers may be real estate investors giving investment tips or simply plain property agents explaining the intricacies of buying and selling real estate. Those who have in-depth knowledge of rental properties may also write in to our site.

We would also welcome blogs on matters of interest for the common man – restoring and renovating a house, where to get the best deals on fixtures and fitters, home expansion and how to increase curb value of existing property.

Any blogs will be accepted by us for publication so long as it is related to the niche of real estate.

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